"Success is measured by how your body feels, not how it looks. You deserve to feel good, inside and out, Every Single Day!"

Your Grow Path Starts Here

There are many ways to get stronger and grow with me! Kombinasi antara angkat beban dan circuit training adalah cara favoritku untuk get stronger. Bagi aku, fitnes harus praktis, menyenangkan namun efektif. Berolahraga bukanlah beban. Dari program-program ini aku akan membantu kalian untuk menemukan kesenangan dibalik berolahraga! Pilih program kamu and let's get that endorphin's hormone high!

Diva's Approach

Quality over Quantity

Working out shouldnt be time consuming. It's always better to do 30-45 minutes only but you know exactly what you doing and focus on the quality of the program and movement instead doing hours of random workout and reps. More is not always good.

Growth Mindset

The second I stopped focusing on what I can lose (lose weight, lose fat, etc) and started focusing on what I could DO, my whole outlook on health and fitness changed for the better. Gaining instead of losing. Gain muscle, gain knowledge, gain your lung capacity, gain control of your movements.

Visible Program

The best training program is one that is not only effective, but that you'll enjoy and want to keep doing. This is what keeps me consistent til now. No random program with random result. And any program it should be not only effective but also fun!

Flexible Method

You don't have to starve yousrself, or do cardio for hours. You don't have to count your calories if you dont want to, and yes you can eat that chocolate if you want it! I'll help you to make fitness better again for you with flexible method that you could do anytime and anywhere.



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